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Modern Russian Helicopter Spotted In Syria (Photos)


Modern Russian Helicopter Spotted In Syria (Photos)

Click to see original size image. Source: the Syrian Military Capabilities.

Russia’s modern Ka-226T military helicopter, dubbed “Hoodlum” by the NATO, was recently spotted in Syria.

On January 7, the Syrian Military Capabilities Facebook page shared a photo of the helicopter, which carried Russian markings, flying over the costal Syrian governorate of Lattakia. Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base is located in the southern countryside of the Lattakia.

The Ka-226T was potted again on March 20, this time in a photo shared by the Luftwaffe AS aviation blog. A Syrian pilot was posing next to the helicopter.

The helicopter, which was developed by Kamov, features an interchangeable mission pod, rather than a conventional cabin, allowing the use of various accommodation or equipment configurations.

The military variant Ka-226T is powered by Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 engines. The helicopter is equipped with modern avionics, automatic control system, navigation system and a radar. The Ka-226 can be equipped with a hoist system, helicopter sling, searchlight, external fuel tank, or with medical module for search and rescue operation.

Modern Russian Helicopter Spotted In Syria (Photos)

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At least 36 Ka-226T are in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. Six other helicopters are currently in service with the Federal Security Service.

Russia may have deployed Ka-226T helicopters in Syria to help with the transport of sensitive logistics or to train Syrian pilots. This would explain why a Syrian pilot was seen with the helicopter.



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