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In Video: Houthis Give Saudi Forces A Lesson In Close Combat In Yemen’s Hajjah


In Video: Houthis Give Saudi Forces A Lesson In Close Combat In Yemen’s Hajjah

Screen grab from the Houthis video

On March 18, the Houthis announced that their fighters had repelled a large-scale attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah.

Initially, the Houthis allowed Saudi-led coalition forces to advance in Bani Hassan area in the district of Hayran. Once Saudi forces went too deep in the area, the Yemeni group launched a well-planned counter-attack. Saudi forces, who were taken by surprise, failed to hold onto their positions.

A video of the battle in Bani Hassan shows Houthi fighters clashing with Saudi forces from a close distance. Several units were ambushed by the Houthis while withdrawing.

In the course of the battle, the Houthis destroyed or captured several Oshkosh M-ATV armored vehicles of the Saudi Armed Forces. An unspecified number of Saudi-backed fighters were also killed or injured.

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The Houthis were able to recapture all the positions they lost in Bani Hassan. Saudi-led coalition forces were pushed out of the region.

The successful counter attack in Bani Hassan is an example of how the Houthis maintain the upper hand on several fronts in Yemen despite their limited resources. Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition’s achievements remain limited.

On March 16, coalition warplanes targeted a a waterborne improvised explosive device off the town of al-Salif on the western coast of Yemen.



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