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New U.K. Defence Policy: Preparing For Nuclear War With Russia


New U.K. Defence Policy: Preparing For Nuclear War With Russia

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According to the Guardian, the leaked copy of the integrated review of UK defence and foreign policy described Russia as the most “acute threat to UK security”. Meanwhile, the headline decision in the review was to increase the nuclear potential by 40%.

The text is dedicated to the national security, foreign policy and the United Kingdom’s approach to the global economy. It outlines a vision for country’s development to 2030. It’s publication has been announced by the Office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson the day before. The document presented the most ambitious revision of national strategies since the end of the Cold War, according to The Financial Times.

“Until relations with its government improve, we will actively deter and defend against the full spectrum of threats emanating from Russia,” – the report says.

In the contest of Russian threat, without explicitly mentioning it, London is going to end the 30 years-long disarmament since the collapse of the Soviet Union, rising the number of Trident ballistic warheads from 180 to 260. Nuclear charges are placed on four Vanguard-class missile submarines, one of them will always be on patrol. Such a decision was justified by “recognition of the evolving security environment, including the developing range of technological and doctrinal threats”.

Moreover, the document highlighted the necessity to create a national cyber force, which combines military and intelligence capabilities.

While the USA is constantly seen as “the most important strategic ally and partner,” the UK has paid a particular attention to its further relations with China. If Russia was labeled a hostile state, the threat from Beijing was mostly limited by the economic domain. At the same time the document cited the necessity of economic cooperation with China.

“The fact that China is an authoritarian state, with different values to ours, presents challenges for the UK and our allies. China will contribute more to global growth than any other country in the next decade with benefits to the global economy.”

Among other areas mentioned, there was the Indo-Pacific region as a sphere of growing UK interest. Less attention was paid to the partnership with the EU and its members. It was decided to cut aid to Yemen and probably Syria, as the governments become able to finance their own development priorities.”

New U.K. Defence Policy: Preparing For Nuclear War With Russia

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It is not clear, how exactly the increasing of its nuclear potential should help the U.K. to deal with the “Russian threat”. The only way is to put it into service of its main ally, the United States. However, a multibillion investment in the rearmament in response to the alleged threats is a very generous gift to its transatlantic partner.

Russia has not commented on the issue yet.

Press Secretary of the Russian President said that it was necessary to wait for the document to be officially released.

He also added: “Russia has not been and is not anyone’s enemy, it does not pose any threat. Insyead, as President Putin has repeatedly said, we stand for the normalization of the development of good, mutually beneficial relations with all countries. “



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